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2006 Regional Growth Dialogues

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A Digest of the California Center for Regional Leadership 2006 Regional Growth Dialogues held September October, 2006 in eight California venues

This document contains details on the eight Regional Growth Dialogues held around the state of California from September 7 to October 27, 2006 on infrastructure priorities, state bonds and infrastructure needs.

The purpose of the Regional Growth Dialogues is to explore local challenges to smart-growth development; to hold healthy discussions on the impacts of the infrastructure bond measures on the November, 2006 ballot and its potential impact to the regions' infrastructure needs; to create momentum around continuing efforts led by regional stakeholders to develop shared regional infrastructure priorities; and to strengthen partnerships among local, regional and state development participants.

In practice, this means that the Regional Growth Dialogues are only single events in ongoing regional discussions on transportation, housing and environmental issues and solutions. The ultimate goal is for each region to develop a realistic and responsible plan for accommodating its anticipated growth and supporting the people who live and work here. The Regional Growth Dialogues grew out of the Regional Blueprint Planning efforts that are underway in 14 of 18 Metropolitan Planning Organizations throughout the state.

Participants in the Dialogues include representatives from: regional collaborative economic development organizations; civic groups; business, elected officials, and community leaders; California Transportation Commission; metropolitan planning organizations; regional transportation agencies; California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency; California Department of transportation; and the California Center for Regional Leadership. The complete list of participants in CCRL's Regional Growth Dialogues is on page 12.

The sponsors of the Dialogues are: Bank of America, Caltrans, The Nature Conservancy, The Morgan Family Foundation, UC Davis and regional civic organizations. Please see the inside cover for the compete list of sponsors.