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Telling Our Story, Measuring Our Progress: California's Regional Quality of Life Indicator Projects (2003)
Addendum Part B: data sets (2003)

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This document is a companion to the report Telling Our Story, Measuring Our Progress: California's Regional Quality Of Life Indicator Projects. The report is based on 13 regional quality of life indicator reports from throughout California*. This addendum contains information specific to each indicator project: a profile of each organization's process of compiling the report and a list, or data set, of the indicators used in the report.

The profiles are based on:

  • reading the indicators reports for each region
  • other research from the regions, the project, and its lead organization and partners, as well as other complementary initiatives
  • interviews with project leaders. In most cases, the project leaders are affiliated with a Regional Collaborative (see page 1 of the report), and RCs are participants in the process.

Data sets are the individual data elements contained in text and charts or other graphic displays of each report, as presented in the most recent reports.