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California Regional Progress Report (2007)

View full report (PDF, 2.3 MB, 60 pages)


The purpose of the California Regional Progress Report is to develop a common framework and set of indicators to measure regional progress statewide and to help Californians improve their communities, with this first report as the baseline. The intent is to inform state, regional, and local decision makers about transportation, housing, land use, environmental resources, and other infrastructure in ways that lead to:

  • A more efficient and effective transportation system and land use pattern
  • A strong and sustainable economy
  • Progress along the dimensions of place, prosperity, and people (i.e., the 3 "Ps") which define quality of life for all Californians. The 3Ps fully incorporate and expand on the environmental, economic, and social equity dimensions (i.e., the "3Es") that have been widely used by the regions of California, Caltrans, and many others as a conceptual foundation for policy and planning

The Report is intended not as an evaluation of specific policies or planning efforts, but rather a recognition that Californians are coming together across the State and working in new ways to improve the quality of life of their regions. This process is occurring through "regional blueprint planning," a new and innovative mechanism that moves beyond "business as usual" as we plan for our future to address the challenges and opportunities of growth.

As such, the California Regional Progress Report is intended to be a resource for regional, state and local decision makers and critical stakeholders, including residents, business and environmental interests, non-profits and other civic leaders as they determine the policies and investments that will shape the economic, social, and environmental well-being of California's regions and thus the State overall. It has been created as a means to help them better understand how their regions are evolving, in what areas they are making progress, where they may need to change course or address emerging challenges, and how the State can better support the regions and their communities.

Every region is a work in progress; this Report offers an objective source of information on how the journey is going.