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California's Regional Collaboratives: Inventory and Analysis of Community Indicator Reports (Draft Summary Report) (2003)

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This report is an inventory and preliminary analysis of the growing field of practice on Community Indicators by California's Regional Collaboratives (for information see California's Regional Collaboratives (RCs) are region-based civic organizations working to improve the state's economy, quality of life, and opportunity for all. The RCs are conveners and coordinators of civic governance and community initiatives within their regions.

The report includes a summary of the main types of indicators used in reports, a listing of the most common - or "core" - indicators across the projects, project characteristics derived from "profiles" of and interviews with the RCs, new or unusual indicators, and data and information desired for future indicators.

Community Indicator reporting is a long-standing interest of the RCs. As of May 2003 there are 22 Regional Collaboratives (RC) and 12 Community Indicator reports, with a new report due this summer. The Great Valley Center, a regional stewardship organization for the Central Valley region and an alliance partner in the RC network, has published a series of reports that also are included in this inventory, for a total of 13 projects. These Indicator reports in total include more than 200 indicators.

During our process of updating a 1998 inventory of California Community Indicator Projects by Redefining Progress, we learned that several projects undertaken by a variety of organizations during the 1990's had either been terminated for technical reasons or lack of sponsorship/funding, or had been merged into other regional projects. The RCs stand out as the one group that are adding projects and improving their capacity to implement meaningful projects. The roles that the RCs play within their regions - as information providers/storytellers, neutral conveners, boundary crossers, and mobilizers of community leadership and action lend themselves to the needs of Community Indicator projects.

The purposes of this report are to:

  • Provide a best practices and technical resource for both the RCs and others interested in undertaking a community indicator project or enhancing existing projects
  • Link the RCs within their network, and with other regional and statewide partners, in particular the First Five (Children and Families Commissions) so they can collaborate for greater efficiencies and partnerships in project development and community mobilization
  • Link the regions and the State for better planning, data acquisition, policy development, and resource targeting
  • Lay the groundwork to possibly develop a region-based statewide indicators report and methods to identify desired measurable outcomes and track progress

The final report will include project profiles and will be available later in the summer of 2003.