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Getting Results and Facing New Challenges: California's Civic Entrepreneur Movement (1999)

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California's "promising experiment" in civic entrepreneurship and regional collaboration is growing—with new leaders, regions, results, and lessons learned. Sponsored by The James Irvine Foundation, the second annual California Civic Entrepreneur Summit brought together more than 130 people on September 13–15 in San Diego.

This document highlights key themes and activities of the 1998 Summit—and ideas for next steps.

Participant evaluations of the Summit were strongly positive overall. Participants particularly valued opportunities to:

  • Meet people from other regions
  • Acquire ideas or strategies to apply in their region
  • Reflect on their own involvement with regional collaboration
  • Identify common concerns and goals
  • Increase understanding of the broader statewide context

Participants also showed strong interest in continuing to share knowledge and expertise on specific topics—ranging from regional approaches to land use, to progress indicators, to state tax and fiscal reform, to workforce for the new economy, to integrated approaches to regional development, to sustaining prosperity for all. And, support was widespread for holding another Summit.