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Integrated Regional Development Case Studies

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Planning for Prosperity

Initiative Description

Planning for Prosperity: Building Successful Communities in the Sierra Nevada was published by the SBC as a reference guide to help Sierra Nevada communities plan for their own future wisely and effectively. The reference guide centers on 16 principles for sound growth and development. It also contains 28 case studies from around the country, 50 photographs of key planning concepts and success stories, a public opinion poll of 1,000 registered voters in the region and summaries of current general plans in 12 Sierra Nevada communities. The summaries are an assessment of each plan's consistency with the Planning for Prosperity Principles.

Regional Vision Project

Initiative Description

Our initiative is to develop a Vision for the Tri-Valley Region in the year 2010. The objective is to develop a proactive plan for the proper balance between economic vitality and quality of life. We want the region to choose and shape its destiny rather than have it be determined by outside forces. We want to develop a positive and achievable plan based on the values and desires of Tri-Valley residents.

The Landscape of Choice

Initiative Description

The Landscape of Choice "Strategies for Improving Patterns of Growth" was created by the Growth Alternatives Alliance. Its objective is to provide a set of principles that can be used as a blueprint for land-use planning decisions in Fresno County. The document is a tool to increase awareness of land-use issues, provide a framework for discussions among the various stakeholders and focus attention on the long-term consequences of choices made today.

Green Valley Initiative

Initiative Description

The Green Valley Initiative (GVI) was launched in 1998 as one of seven initiatives being implemented by the Sacramento Region Action Network. The Initiative is using a multi-stakeholder collaborative process to help provide for long-term regional open space needs, given the pressures of rapid population growth and the difficulties for existing public agencies and public/private activities to do so. The goal of the GVI is to achieve multi-jurisdictional, coordinated open space preservation for the six-county Region that meets a variety of public and private needs. The Initiative is establishing an ongoing structure to facilitate multiple jurisdictions and organizations in their collaborative efforts to preserve and enhance the region's open spaces. Other objectives include the creation of a "tool kit" to assist these jurisdictions and organizations, establishment of an accurate comprehensive regional information base, and identification of funding mechanisms that other entities could use to meet open space needs.