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Invest for California...How Are We Doing? (2003)

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Why we present this Progress Report
California's infrastructure systems are essential to our future economic prosperity and quality of life. This idea was recognized and wholly embraced by "Invest for California," the Report of the Governor's Commission on Building for the 21st Century, released in February 2002. The Governor's Commission consisted of a diverse group of 48 private and public sector members who spent more than two years studying the state's long-term infrastructure needs and developing recommendations for immediate and long-term actions to meet those needs. The Commission's Report was excellent: it laid out a vision and a set of principles as well as dozens of policy, program and financing recommendations.

The California Policy Reform Network (CPRN), a collaboration of six statewide and four regional organizations,* is dedicated to bring regional voices to bear on critical state policy reforms that would improve our planning and investment in infrastructure and hence improve our economic prosperity and quality of life. CPRN hold forums and dialogues on these issues in regions across the state, and bring the results of those dialogues to state policymakers through Sacramento Roundtables and one-on-one briefings, and to a broader public through website and electronic communications.

CPRN has prepared this Progress Report to document whether and to what extent the Commission's recommendations have been implemented, and where they have not, we identify areas that require urgent, highest priority attention by state policymakers. We stand ready to bring to bear the support and encouragement of this state's civic, business and grassroots leadership if our state policymakers will act boldly and wisely to meet our critical infrastructure needs.