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Southland Policy Dialogues (2004)

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Why Southland Policy Dialogues?
The Southern California Compass Project is a collaborative regional planning process designed to develop a shared regional vision that will enable residents, local governments, developers, and other decision-makers to wisely manage projected growth across the region over the next twenty-fi ve years. The Southern California Association of Governments and its Compass consultant team have produced a draft Growth Vision for the Southern California region through a variety of processes: development of growth principles, a survey of public opinion, development of growth "scenarios" through technical analysis, and public input through map-based workshops.

The Compass Project organized the Southland Policy Dialogues to enable local civic leaders to review and develop ideas for implementing the draft Growth Vision. The sessions aimed to achieve the following:
  • Familiarize leaders across the region with the draft Growth Vision
  • Help leaders to understand its implications for growth-related decisions within the Southland's "sub-regions"
  • Identify barriers (regional and local) to effective implementation of the draft Growth Vision
  • Develop and set priorities on key implementation strategies for SCAG, local governments, and other decision-makers
This report presents the key themes emerging from the Dialogues. Notes of the discussions were taken and revised by CCRL staff, and are available on the Compass website. They were sent to all participants, as was an online survey.