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CCRL California Center for Regional Leadership
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The California Center for Regional Leadership Annual Report 2000 (2001)

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Just one year ago in April 2000, we were privileged to start up the California Center for Regional Leadership, a new statewide nonprofit organization. The Center's mission is to support, facilitate, and promote innovative regional solutions for the State's major economic, environmental, and social challenges, and to help achieve a more sustainable California.

We carry out our work at two levels:

  • At the regional level to strengthen and expand the practice and results of Collaborative Regional Initiatives throughout California; and
  • At the state level to advance state policies and strategies that encourage and support regional collaboration among all sectors—public, private, and independent—in all regions of the State.

The past year has been one of challenge and achievement—understanding and responding to the issues faced by the regional leaders and their organizations, forging new partnerships at the statewide level, and starting up a new organization. It was also a year of incredible opportunity at both the regional and state level—opportunity that has allowed the Center to establish itself as a useful statewide voice for California's regional movement, and to elevate the notion of regionalism, regional thinking and action in the State.

This report, our first Annual Report, gives a snapshot of our program activities and accomplishments during our first year. However, it is hard to capture in this list what is probably our most significant achievement—the engagement and contributions of our partners at the regional, statewide and national levels. These are our partners with whom we share a vision of regionalism in California. Without them, we would not exist.

We are also grateful to The James Irvine Foundation for providing support and making an early and significant investment in California's regional movement. Although there is still much work ahead, we believe the groundwork has been established for the Center and our partners to work together toward a more sustainable California.