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CCRL California Center for Regional Leadership
Connecting California's Regions to the State and Each Other

200 Pine St., Ste. 400
San Francisco, CA 94104
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Novemeber 29-30, 2006 Blueprint Learning Network - Anaheim
Session Speaker Presentation
Regional Agency Disussion on Balancing Regional Priorities Henry Gardner, ABAG/MTC MPO Balancing Regional Priorities
(363 KB, PPT)
Infill/Refill Tool Strategies Linda Wheaton  
State Environmental Issues in Regional Planning Lynn Terry, Air Resource Board Air Quality Presentation
(1 MB, PDF)
State Environmental Issues in Regional Planning Mayela Sosa, Federal Highway Administration FHWA’s Perspective on Planning and Environmental Issues
(87 KB, PPT)
Affiliate Group Discussion Ed Thompson, American Farmland Trust Case Studies in Agricultural Land Protection in California
(200 KB, PDF)
Safeguarding Farmland and Agriculture
(483 KB, PDF)
Air Quality and Blueprint Planning Henry Hilken, Bay Area Air Quality District Air Quality and Blueprint Planning
(89 KB, PPT)
Agricultural Lands, Habitat Conservation, Parks and Large Ecosystems, and Blueprint Planning Bridgett Luther, Dept of Fish & Game California’s Land Resource Protection Division at Department of Conservation
(799 Kb, PPT)
Regional Progress Measures Trish Kelly, CCRL California Regional Progress Report
(241 KB, PPT)
Monitoring Blueprint Performance: Building a Toolkit Bob Leiter, SANDAG Regional Comprehensive Plan: Performance Monitoring
(2.84 MB, PPT)
Water Supply and Water Quality and Regional Blueprint Planning John Woodling, CA Dept of Water Resources Regionalism in Water Resources Management
(3.41 MB, PPT)