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Past Civic Entrepreneur Summits

2005 Summit Agenda

On September 19-20 CCRL convened more than 225 civic entrepreneurs from across the state in Long Beach to come together to network, share success stories, and shape the State's 2006 policy and leadership agenda. Materials including speaker information, presentations, and notes from the Summit sessions follow. Many thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Summit and to our sponsors who made this important event possible. Special thanks to the Gateway Cities Partnership for inviting us to their region and providing invaluable assistance.

Session Title Speakers Presentations Materials

The Future of the California Economy

Economy Plenary Slide

Yeager Presentation

Innovation, Investment, Collaboration

Report of the Strengthening America’s Communities Advisory Committee

Land and the Public Interest

Frisch Presentation

Garcia Presentation

Sierra Nevada Conservancy

Baldwin Hills Conservancy


Universal Pre-Kindergarten


Gordon Presentation

Preschool California Report: Kids Can’t Wait To Learn

Los Angeles Universal Preschool brochure

The Economics of Investing in Universal Preschool Education in California



It’s Your Choice – What Kind of California Do You Want?

Barbour Presentation

Myers Presentation

Bruvold Presentation

Soltani Presentation(a)

Soltani Presentation(b)

PPIC’s California 2025 Report

Regional & Statewide Indicators

Schuerman Presentation

Cummings Presentation

Kelly Presentation

Orange County 2005 Community Indicators

2005 Indicators for Sustainable Competitiveness: A Quality of Life Index for San Diego

State of the Great Central Valley Indicator Series

Telling Our Story, Measuring Our Progress

CA Progress Report Draft Template

Session Notes

California Housing Supply and Affordability Crisis

Dunn Presentation

Miller Presentation

Rogers Presentation

Walrod Presentation

California Department of Housing & Community Development

Goods Movement/Logistics

Henton Presentation

Husing Presentation

Logistics and Manufacturing Value Chains: Meeting the Workforce and Infrastructure Demands of a “Real Time” Economy

California Goods Movement Action Plan

Rural Innovation, Investment and Collaboration

Melville, Moxon Presentation

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Collaboration

Budget Basics, Next Ten’s California Budget Challenge

Perry Presentation

Levy Presentation

California Budget Challenge
Budget IQ

Mega Infrastructure for Mega Regions

Baker/Baylis Presentation

California Goods Movement Action Plan

MIR Baylis

MIR McPeak

MIR Lowenthal

MIR Agan

MIR Baker

MIR Hankla

Session Notes