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CCRL California Center for Regional Leadership
Connecting California's Regions to the State and Each Other

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The California Regional Network

Community Development Technologies Center


Community Development Technologies CenterWho We Are

The Community Development Technologies Center (CDTech) is a nonprofit training, applied research and technical assistance organization specializing in community economic development. Our programs help strengthen the social, economic and built environments of low-income neighborhoods by focusing on community strengths and strategic partnerships. CDTech's collaborative relationship with Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) and L.A. PROSPER, a subsidiary of the Los Angeles Community College District, results in a full-service community economic development resource center.


The mission of the CDTech Center is to build livable and economically viable neighborhoods. CDTech develops community assets-enhancing the ability and skills of people, businesses and community organizations in low income communities to function effectively in a competitive society.


  • To expand grassroots leadership
  • To build organizational and staff capacity of nonprofit organizations in community economic development
  • To increase job and business opportunities for residents in low income communities
  • To foster new ideas, approaches and partnerships for community building