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The California Regional Network

Fresno Area Collaborative Regional Initiative


Fresno Area Collaborative Regional InitiativeThe Fresno Area Collaborative Regional Initiative's mission is to help improve the competitiveness of the region by providing steward leadership in areas critical to economic success. Through projects like the Innovation Index, the Fresno Area CRI encourages advancements in technology, education, workforce development, land use and transportation endeavors in the region.

Population: 619,229

Size of Region: 75 square miles

Strategic Partners: The Fresno Business Council and California State University, Fresno, in addition to over 45 private, non-profit and educational institutions

Established: September 2001


The initial work of the Fresno Business Council and the Central California Futures Institute in forming the Fresno Area Collaborative Regional Initiative was to identify the priorities for action that would most directly lead to competitiveness in the Knowledge Economy. After four months of deliberation and due diligence, five areas that were most critical to the transformation of the region were identified. A task force has been coordinated for each initiative, to implement the action plans, by partnering with community organizations and supporting their implementation strategies.

The Innovation Index tracks economic and entrepreneurial indicators, such as Technology Infrastructure, to develop and drive broadband initiatives accelerating the deployment and adoption of next generation Internet services. Other projects include Human Investment, which involves primary literacy, improving volunteerism, improving effectiveness and efficiency of the public human services agency, and after-school programs. The Land Use and Transportation Initiative focuses on developing GIS land use modeling tools, initiating city beautification efforts, targeting schools as centers of community, and catalyzing downtown development project. The CRI is also launching an executive education series on innovation, and implementing a communications plan that promotes the Community Values of the Fresno Region. Support of a school-business partnership program is underway.