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The California Regional Network

Institute Of The North Coast


The Institute of the North Coast strives to encourage civic engagement and build individual and collective leadership capacity in the region, and to continue to strengthen commitment to the implementation of Prosperity!, the region's strategy for local sustainability and economic development. Through increased use of information, research and evaluation, the Institute develops partnerships, facilitates activities and improves local decision-making.

Region Served: Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties

Population: 168,350

Size of Region: 7,760 Square Miles

Strategic Partners: Humboldt Area Foundation, Humboldt State University, College of the Redwoods, Redwood Region Economic Development Commission, Arcata Economic Development Corporation, Humboldt County, Del Norte County, Workforce Investment Board, Humboldt County Office of Education, Prosperity Network, North Coast Leadership Roundtable

Established: 1996


The Institute focuses on the development of key partnerships focused on the implementation of Prosperity! the economic and community development strategy for the North Coast. The Institute publishes the Prosperity Review quarterly, which discusses industry clusters in the region, sustainability projects, and challenges in maintaining its rural nature and quality of life.

Key regional projects include:

  • General Plan Deliberative Dialogues: Facilitated dialogues about land use issues affecting the future of the region, to be used to inform policy makers.
  • Hispanic Forum: A group of Hispanic leaders strengthening the regional voice and increasing engagement in economic and community development activities.
  • Alliance for Working Community Forests: Focused on new models for community-based stewardship and ownership of industrial timberland on the North Coast.
  • Economic Portal: Created at Humboldt State University to link campus resources to regional businesses and economic development activities.
  • Prosperity Network: A partnership between economic development entities sharing leads, a common database, and redefining roles creating a strong network of entrepreneurial support.