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The California Regional Network

Orange County Business Council


Orange County Business CouncilAs a forum for businesses to join together with government and educational institutions, the Orange County Business Council (OCBC) implements three strategic initiatives in the areas of economic and workforce development and advocacy to invest in the future of the fifth most heavily populated county in the United States. The Center for a New Orange County is a collaborative public-private partnership, facilitated by OCBC that is taking a comprehensive look at the significant long-term infrastructure issues facing the region. The Center is shaping Orange County's future by designing an innovative, state-of-the-art countywide infrastructure program that will increase countywide prosperity and improve the quality of life of local residents.

Region Served: Orange County

Population: 3 million

Size of Region: 900 square miles

Strategic Partners: California Center for Regional Leadership, Orange County Tourism Council, Orange County Film Commission, Orange County Affordable Home Ownership Alliance

Established: 1883


The Orange County Business Council is the leading business organization in Orange County, the second-largest county in the state of California. Through forums and programming, such as the Center for a New Orange County, Workforce Development Summit, Economic Forecast, Annual Dinner, and Orange County Executive Survey, OCBC acts as an advocate for issues that significantly affect the future of Orange County and its residents.

OCBC's indicators project has matured into a strong collaborative partnership between the Business Council, the County of Orange, and the Children and Families (Prop. 10) Commission. The report leverages ongoing data collection efforts by condensing data into a user-friendly format. The report is used to advance policy and inform regional non-profit and government strategic planning in the region. This project was started as a collaborative capacity-builder in a region that had become fragmented over public policy issues such as the proposed El Toro Airport. The outcome has been a credible, unbiased, factual foundation to discuss issues of importance in Orange County.