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The California Regional Network

San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership


San Gabriel Valley Economic PartnershipThe San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership is a coalition of public and private sectors working to sustain and grow the economic base of the Valley. Among the many products and services provided by the Partnership are: business retention, expansion, and attraction; regional workshops; and development of marketing campaigns to elevate the Valley's profile within the state. The Partnership recently unveiled its Strategic Plan for education and workforce development in the region titled Harnessing the Intellectual Capital of the San Gabriel Valley. The plan stands to increase career ladder development among Valley residents, thereby supporting local growing industry clusters.

Region Served: Located in Los Angeles County, the San Gabriel Valley lies just east of the City of Los Angeles. The Partnership serves the 30 cities and five unincorporated communities that comprise the San Gabriel Valley

Population: The San Gabriel Valley has nearly 2 million residents, which is more than the population of the San Francisco metropolitan area

Size of Region: Over 400 square miles

Strategic Partners: The San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership is a non-profit coalition made of 103 partners: 55 are business corporations, 18 are cities, 17 are colleges and universities and 13 are chambers of commerce and other community organizations. Partners include Bank of America, California Institute of Technology, Century 21, City of Hope, The Gas Company, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Kaiser Permanente, SBC, Southern California Automobile Club, Southern California Edison, Verizon, Wells Fargo, and Washington Mutual

Established: Incorporated as San Gabriel Valley Commerce & Cities Consortium in August 1990


In addition to marketing the San Gabriel Valley as the place in Southern California to reside and conduct business, the Partnership also champions education and workforce development through such programs as Workforce San Gabriel Valley. As the Intellectual Capital of California, with more than 30 prestigious colleges and universities, the region boasts the highest density of academic institutions in the state, thus offering an expansive array of career path opportunities for residents, and a diverse talent pool for local industry to select from.

The goal of Workforce San Gabriel Valley is to heighten literacy and enhance the workforce in the San Gabriel Valley. On January 30, 2003, the strategic implementation plan for Workforce San Gabriel Valley was launched at a special forum. The long-term Strategic Plan, entitled Harnessing the Intellectual Capital of the San Gabriel Valley, projects the current and future needs of business and employers.

Through stakeholder roundtables, facilitated by the Partnership, a unique group of business leaders, educators, and workforce professionals developed a series of strategies to help residents create and climb career ladders in Valley industry. The plan is to work with educational institutions at all levels to develop a culture of education within the region.