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The California Regional Network

Sierra Business Council


Sierra Business CouncilThe Sierra Business Council is the only business organization serving the entire Sierra Nevada--a unique alliance of business owners, professionals, property owners, ranchers and residents dedicated to the social, natural, and financial health of this magnificent mountain region. SBC has received local and national acclaim for providing efficient, responsive, and innovative services to help the Sierra plan for prosperity. SBC's vision is a Sierra Nevada in balance--a prosperous economy and quality of life that respects our vital natural resources.

Region Served: The Sierra ranges from the southern tip of Lassen County all the way down to Kern County, encompassing parts of twenty California counties and three Nevada counties.

Population: Approximately 750,000

Size of Region: 20 million acres

Strategic Partners: Wide array of public and private partners ranging from the ski industry and building industry to the California Cattlemen's Association and the Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council. We also work intensively with numerous local governments, planning agencies and economic development agencies.

Established: 1994


The Sierra Business Council has published two editions of the Sierra Nevada Wealth Index, and is currently developing the third edition. The Council has also produced Planning for Prosperity, an award-winning guide to rural land use; Investing for Prosperity, a new guide to rural economic development in the 21st century; and the Sierra Nevada Resource Investment Needs Assessment. Forthcoming publications are to include Sierra Town Patterns, a visual guide to traditional town patterns in the Sierra, and development of a regional Tahoe Wealth Index, with a major public participation component.

In order to improve water quality and boost profits at local ski resorts - one of the region's most prominent industries - the Council is facilitating a collaborative project with ski resorts and public agencies--the Ski Area Erosion Control Project.

The Council is currently helping to craft community visioning projects in the south central and southern Sierra foothills. SBC has also played a major role in designing new community plans, in places such as Minden, NV, and June Lake, CA. The Council's Placer Legacy Open Space and Working Landscape Protection Program was the winner of Governor's Award for Economic and Environmental Excellence in 2002.

The Sierra Valley Working Landscapes Initiative provides a special focus on preserving the ranching culture and economy for the region. Preparation of a new toolkit to help build more vibrant community centers is also underway. A collaborative effort is being headed by the Council to create a Sierra Nevada Conservancy to steer state investment into local conservation, historic preservation and economic development projects.