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CCRL California Center for Regional Leadership
Connecting California's Regions to the State and Each Other

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Economic Vitality Conversations Materials

Growth: The California Story

PDF Icon Growth: The California Story
4.76MB [PDF Document]


Statewide Rural Economic Vitality Conversation - April 28, 2005

Presentation Report Attendees Participant Comments

Presentation by Brian Dabson
[416KB Microsoft Powerpoint]

Presentation by John Melville
[340KB Microsoft Powerpoint]

Rural Attendees
[24KB Microsoft Excel]
PDF Icon Participant Comments
139KB [PDF Document]


"Innovation, Investment, Collaboration" Cabinet Briefing - March 3, 2005

Executive Summary Report Presentation Digest Attendees
PDF Icon Executive Summary
96KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Innovation, Investment, Collaboration
3.9MB [PDF Document]
Cabinet Briefing Presentation
4.9MB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Cabinet Briefing Digest
428KB [PDF Document]
23KB [Microsoft Excel]


Regional Conversations

Region Presentation Minutes Reports
Bay Area San Francisco
960KB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Bay Area Minutes
132KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon San Francisco Report
3.5MB [PDF Document]
Central San Joaquin Valley Central San Joaquin Valley
2.5MB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Central San Joaquin Valley Minutes
224KB [PDF Document]
Inland Empire Inland Empire
2.7MB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Inland Empire Minutes
148KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Inland Empire Report
464KB [PDF Document]
Northern Central Coast Northern Central Coast
648KB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Northern Central Coast Minutes
176KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Northern Central Coast Report
556KB [PDF Document]
Northern San Joaquin Valley Northern San Joaquin Valley
2.4MB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Northern San Joaquin Valley Minutes
152KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Northern San Joaquin Valley Report
1.5MB [PDF Document]
Orange County Orange County
556KB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Orange County Minutes
96KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Orange County Report
524KB [PDF Document]
Sacramento Sacramento
1.1MB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Sacramento Minutes
168KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Sacramento Report
496KB [PDF Document]
San Diego San Diego
1.3MB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon San Diego Minutes
100KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon San Diego Report
492KB [PDF Document]
Silicon Valley Silicon Valley
948KB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Silicon Valley Minutes
148KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Silicon Valley Report
1.8MB [PDF Document]
Southland Southland (Kyser Presentation)
344KB [Microsoft PowerPoint]

Southland (Thornberg Presentation)
2.1MB [Microsoft PowerPoint]
PDF Icon Southland Minutes
260KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Southland Report
771KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Tri-Valley Minutes
132KB [PDF Document]
PDF Icon Tri-Valley Report
1.5MB [PDF Document]